CHHBC Vision 2030


A guide for our church to recognize the past, acknowledge our present, and plan for our future. This process will involve all church members to assist in the recognition of where we have been since 1971, where we currently are in 2020, and where our church is heading over the next 10 years. The following items and timeline will help us to develop a guide for CHHBC:

  • Church-wide announcement 

  • Survey to all members 

  • Review/Analysis of the surveys 

  • Plan action items from the surveys 

  • Administer and execute action items 

  • Annual review of action items 

  • Annual update to church on CHHBC Vision 2030 


The goal of CHHBC Vision 2030 is to guide the mission of our church which is to glorify God by reaching lost souls, teaching believers to be disciples, and leading God's people in fulfilling His work in them and through them.